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How Best to Remove Mold

Mold can ruin a home as well as a person’s health. If mold is found in the home it needs to be removed right away. Mold can lead to a number of health issues and it is important that mold is properly removed. If the area of mold in the home is more than 10 square feet or behind the walls a professional should be called.

What Not to Do

If a person finds a moldy surface in their home, their first instinct may be to cover it up. Never paint over mold or caulk over a moldy surface. It will peel off since there is not a clean surface for it to stick to. Be sure to disinfect the area carefully. Due to the harmful spore of the mold be sure to use a respirator, gloves, and other protective gear.

How Best to Remove Mold

Cleaning Solutions

When trying to clean mold, there are different cleaning solutions that may be used. One cup of bleach should be used for every gall of warm water. Dip a clean brush into this mixture and then use it on the mold. Try to get as much mold off of the surface as possible. Once the surface is cleaned be sure to dry it correctly as mold tends to thrive in moist places.

Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite which is known to kill mold and the spores. There is another solution that can be made to kill mold and the spores. Borax is known for killing mold. Mix a cup of borax for every gallon of warm water used. Repeat the same procedure that was used for cleaning with bleach. Borax will kill existing mold as well as the spores, so it does not grow back.

How Best to Remove Mold

Removing Mold from Carpets

If there is mold on the carpet, the section that is infected needs to be removed. Be sure to wear protective gear and turn off all heating or cooling units to help prevent the spores from spreading. Remove the moldy carpet and wrap it up in several trash bags. Cover the doorways with plastic sheets to close off the area. Check the rest of the room including the walls to make sure mold did not grow on them as well.

Using a professional grade spray bottle and a mold removal solution spray down the room focusing on the area where the mold was growing. Use a wet/ dry vacuum to clean up any remaining debris in the room. Once everything has dried use a primer to seal up the area. Once that has been allowed to dry then the drywall or carpeting can be replaced.

If mold is a real problem, a person should leave the removal to a professional. If there is black mold present, a professional should also be called in since this mold is toxic. Now a person does not have to live with mold in their home, especially because there is a great Palm Bay black mold service company company that can eradicate the problem for you These cleaning solutions will help them get rid of mold and make their home a safe place once again.

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